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The Sheepdogs prove that vintage is forever cool

BY: TYLER FYFE Three time Juno award-winning band, The Sheepdogs, are bringing masculinity back to music with stadium-ready rock anthems that are just as epic as their beards. The Saskatchewan natives who have been making music since early 2004 are…

Dreaming In Black And White – Dinosaur Bones

Since signing an international record deal in 2010 with heavyweight Canadian independent music label Dine Alone Records, Dinosaur Bones has continued to further entrench their signature sound in the hearts of indie-music lovers everywhere. Since the acclaimed success of their…

Teenage art prodigy, Joshua Tiessen, paints change

Endowed with exceptional artistic ability, Joshua Tiessen has already garnered the artistic recognition still sought after by many professional artists more than twice his age. At the young age of eighteen, Tiessen has attracted the attention of international and Canadian…