The Plaid Zebra is a free online “Unconventional Lifestyle Magazine”, aimed at broadening the horizons of potential lifestyle choices. Our mission is to uplift the autonomous with inspiration and example.

In a time where media has become sensationalized and predictable, The Plaid Zebra creates a discussion in the public sphere and cuts through the fast-food information and neatly packaged propaganda. The articles are aimed at the curious and enquiring, the socially aware, and those who forge new frontiers and breathe adventure.

This website is not for those who are happy working 9 to 5 for a paycheque. 

It is for those who refuse to conform to a lifestyle or policy that they don’t believe in. It is for those who think a suit and tie are nothing more than a decorative noose and straightjacket.  It is for those who prefer the arcane to the mundane and for those who are more inclined to bend the rules than to bow to them.